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How to start writing a thesis statement

How to start writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a focus of your main idea which is based on the topic of the research and gives your standpoint in relation to the topic. Once a person reads your thesis statement, they should be in a position to tell what the paper or the entire research is about. The thesis statement also helps the writer to keep focused on their topic of research. The following are some of the steps that one can use so as to start writing a thesis statement. It should be noted that the thesis statement is the steering tool for the validity the value of the research.

Steps towards the start of writing a thesis statement

  1. Know your topic. Obviously, your research is based on some topics of interest. Being familiar with the topic of the paper is the most basic step for one to start writing a thesis statement. It is from the topic that you extract themes that that helps in the statement of thesis and the development of the entire research.
  2. be specific. A thesis statement should not be general. It should pinpoint the central idea of the research paper. In this respect, the thesis statement should be written in concise language that clearly directs the reader to the main subject of the research.
  3. Make sure that the thesis statement that you write can be argued. It should be stated in such a way that leaves the facets for the write to articulate the extensive ideas. Plain statements will not produce a research that is detailed.
  4. Make a mini-outline of your paper. Basically, a thesis statement should provide readers with a clear outline of your paper. The readers should not guess on what your work is about.
  5. Choose the words of stating your thesis statement. The statement should be written clearly and in good grammar.

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How to summarize an essay or article

How to summarize an essay or article

The summary of an article comprises only the most important issues, themes and the agendas that were found to be of great importance in such an essay or an article. Basically, this means the summary gives only the fundamental details in a brief, clear and simple language. In order to be able to write a good summary of an essay, there are some tips that are important.

Tips on how to summarize an article

  1. Read the particular essay severally so as to get the main subject which the writer wanted to communicate to the readers. It is through this that you will be able to know the important information and the least important.
  2. In writing a summary of an essay, you should not include your own opinion. Never use the first person “I”.
  3. Always give the full name of the author of the particular essay or an article. Also give the full title of the essay in the introduction paragraph, preferably in the first or in the second sentence.
  4. After introducing the author’s full name, always refer to them with their last name throughout the summary. The last name is always the surname.
  5. You should always use the present tense in the discussion of your essay as you give the facts and evidences that prevails in the entire essay or an article.
  6. Always paraphrase or use direct quotes when you are supporting your claim. Paraphrasing should be more detailed than quotes but it should not be redundant. However, quoting is not advisable and should only be done to the languages that are hard to understand.
  7. The title of an essay or an article should always be capitalized whenever a summary of the same is being written.

The above tips are pivotal in writing an excellent summary.

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Where to buy essay online

Students with poor writing skills and unreliable academic materials face a lot of difficulties in their efforts to right high-quality academic essays. Consequently, some of the students make their efforts to have their papers done online. One very important thing to note is that you should know the reliability of the site that you want to buy the paper from.

Reasons that necessitates one to buy essay online

For college and university students, there comes a time when academic assignments become cumbersome, piles up and everything seems like a mess. The following are the reasons why one buy essays online.

  1. The need to deliver to your lecturer a highly rated academic essay that has been written by experienced professionals.
  2. The need to timely deliver your essay to the instructor. This mostly happens when the instructor give huge loads of assignments to be submitted within a very short duration of time. It is also the same case when the student has a lot of assignments to attend to.
  3. The need to present a paper that is free of plagiarism and other academic errors.

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How to write a critical essay

How to write a critical essay - Format, Topics, Structure, Samples, Outline

A critical essay is an essay that analyses a text, a novel, a book or even a movie or film. The essay offers a broad context of the text that is under analysis. It is through a critical essay that the author of the book or any text is able to get the response of different readers. People understand works of literature in different ways. However. There are those general ideas that are salient throughout the entire text. An in-depth analysis and response to a literary work is the content of a critical essay.

The format of a critical essay

The format of a critical essay usually follows the form of an argumentative evaluation of a certain idea or topic. Primarily, critical essays are targeted for academic purposes hence they use the academic writing style as well as the language.  As specified by the lecturer or the course instructor, the essay can take APA, MLA or any other format. It is of essence to note that the essay is explicitly analytical and offers an interpretation of literature materials in a pure academic language.


Critical essay takes the structure of the introduction, the body and the conclusion. In the introduction, the writer gives a brief description of the topic or the main idea. The introduction should also give the background information about the subject of the thesis. It is also the introduction that offers the thesis statement. The body critically evaluates the main topic of the texts. It presents objective analysis of facts, data and theory with the perspective of the writer. It evaluates the scope of the supreme concept in a logical consistence using imaginative skills. The conclusion summarizes the main points of evaluation that have been discussed in the body. It also re-states the thesis statement.


A critical essay can focus on any topic of the text under analysis. For example, a student can be asked by their teacher to write a critical essay on the topic of female genital mutilation basing their argument on the constitution and the international laws. The assumption here is that the students have read the two documents. One can also write a critical essay on the topic of environmental degradation after watching a documentary from the national geographic channel.


A critical essay should have an abstract. This is a brief summary of the writer’s perspective and approach. The body should have the comparative evaluation and analysis of work under study with contemporary standards of work in a similar genre. The leading facts about the topic under study should be prioritized.

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How to write a reflective essay

How to write a Reflective essay

A reflective essay is a special type of an essay where the writer recollects their past experiences in the racecourse of their life. In the essay, the writer explores all those experiences and how they have shaped, changed, grown and developed their personal life.

Format of a reflective essay

Unless otherwise required by the course instructor, a reflective essay does not so much tie itself to the rules of format. Its format is different from that of research essays and argumentative essays. However, a reflective essay is a well-structured diary or story entry. A reflective essay in MLA or APA is only applicable if attached to an external text that the writer is reflecting upon. When writing a reflective essay, it is advisable not to use the academic writing style. The writer is supposed to stick to their emotions, authentic ideas and feelings. This is because the essay reflects on your personal experiences, not other outside topics.  Any format can be used according to the lecturers’ instructions.


A reflective essay have the structure of an introduction, the body and the conclusion. In the introductory part, the writer shares directly or indirectly what ought to be their topic of focus of their reflection. It is from the introduction that the reader can be able to figure out what aspect of life experience the writer is talking about. The body of the essay explains the experiences of the writer in life and how they have influenced their life skills. It is in the same part where the writer explores the most emotional experiences, whether negative or positive and how they have changed the life of the writer. Most unforgettable life encounters by the writer are vividly described. The conclusion sums up the key ideas of the essay in a simple and clear language. In the conclusion, the reader is able to create a mental picture of the writer’s current status of life that has been shaped by the experiences in life.

The Outline

The introduction of the reflective essay should have the ‘hook’ to capture the attention of the reader. The thesis statement includes the information about the past experiences. It should be brief. The body discusses the events in a chronological order. The conclusion wraps up ideas and demonstrates development. It is also futuristic in the sense that it shows the writer’s stand as far as the future life is concerned.


A reflective essay is basically on personal experiences that influenced your life. The following are some of the examples.

  1. The hardest decision you were required to make
  2. The moment you were overwhelmed by fear
  3. The day you felt misplaced

Other types of essays you should read about:-

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How to write a good capstone project

How to write a good capstone project

A capstone project interchangeably called a senior thesis, or longer writing projects are design-oriented or research oriented solutions that are typically interactive and substantial. The meaning of this is that the final product can be implemented and consumed. Several universities and colleges across the globe have made capstone projects a requisite for graduation during their final year of study in school. For some students, capstone project provides them with great opportunities to step to higher professional levels in their field of study.

In order for a person to write a good capstone project the following should be taken in consideration. Actually, the following is what should be done.

  1. Carefully choose your mentor who is well versed with the field of study that you want to write a capstone project on.
  2. Choose a good topic that you have details and sufficient information. It should be noted that the topic is the umbrella under which everything you write in your project is covered. A topic that has limited information will never give a detailed senior thesis, a factor that can make your professor award dismal marks and grades.
  3. Ensure that the paper that you are working on has the ability to be expanded. In order for any  student to write a good capstone project, they do not necessarily have to emerge with a fully new idea. Most of such projects that are successful are considered to reworkings, expansions and extensive explorations of the previous papers.
  4. Organize your time properly. Together with your mentor, ensure that you establish a convenient time schedule for visits and consultations.
  5. Consider the length of the paper. In as much as capstone projects are comparatively long, the quality is what most of the professors look for. Thoroughly consult with your adviser on the average length that the paper is supposed to take.
  6. Revise your paper and make sure you have fully used academic language.

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How to write a narrative essay

How to write a narrative essay -Steps to follow ||

A narrative essay usually tells a story in chronological order. It is worth noting that all the features of scenes or scenarios are connected in a cause-effect a perspective, a factor that makes a smooth connection in the narrative essay, therefore, creating a story line. The initial situation of the narrative story should justify the middle, the climax and the ending of the narrative story.

Steps to follow when writing  a narrative essay

  1. Choose a topic. Take a theme that you want to write a narrative essay about. Generally, a narrative essay contains two major parts: the story and the analyses of the story. Make sure that the theme of your choice will present a smooth and free flow of the ideas in your narrative essay. Again, choose a topic that is not boring to you and probably the reader. Some topics generally defy readership.
  2. Concurrence with the prompt. The theme of your essay should not contradict the teachers’ assignments.
  3. Choose the plot. Simply defined, the plot is the storyline of the narrative essay. At first, there is an initial situation. That forms the bases under which your narrative is founded, hence the theme of it. The plot should give an interrelated relationship between the initial occurrence, the body/the middle and the end. It should be manageable in the sense that the plot is not appealing with redundant information.
  4. Give vibrant details in your narrative essay. Choose the language of your essay that is much descriptive. It is through vivid description of events, situations characters that the audience of your essay can enjoy and get most out of it.
  5. Write draft. The draft should outline the consistency of the narrative essay. It is the one to be used as the blueprint for the final work.
  6. Write the final copy.

Other types of Essays.

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How to write an expository essay

How to write an expository essay

The main purpose of an expository essay is explaining a topic in a detailed, straightforward and logical manner. An expository essay delivers balanced and fair analysis of subjects based on factual evidence. An expository essay analyses the topic without reference to the writer’s emotions or opinions. A typical expository essay usually employs the two words: “define or explain.” For example, you can be asked by the lecturer to write an essay explaining how the social media has improved the communication around the globe. Another word that is mostly used is “discuss”. For example, discuss the theme of education in the novel “the river between” by Ngugi.

Basically, any essay follows the structure of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Usually, an expository essay is composed of five paragraphs. The first one is the introductory paragraph that contains the thesis statement. The body carries three paragraphs in which the topic of discussion is fully explained. The last paragraph is the conclusion. It summarizes the key points in your essay.

Tips for writing an expository essay

  1. This is the first and crucial phase; students are advised to take time for brainstorming about the main idea or the topic of discussion. Do research and write down notes. Make an outline that shows the information to be presented in every paragraph in an organized and logical sequence.
  2. Draft the expository essay. Here make sure that the introductory paragraph contains the thesis statement, the body analyses the topic satisfactorily, and the conclusion summarizes the idea briefly and precisely.
  3. Revising the essay. Review and modify the work and rearrange it if need be.
  4. Edit the essay. Proofread and correct errors in mechanic as well as grammar. An expository essay should be concise and clear.
  5. Publishing the essay. Share your work with others either classmates or anybody you want. The feedback you get will tell you more about your work.

Other types of Essays.

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How to write a persuasive essay

How to write a persuasive essay

A persuasive essay is a kind of essay that is used to convince or persuade a reader about a certain focus or idea. The particular idea that is contained in the persuasive essay is the one that a person usually believes in strongly. When writing it, you should argue either against or in favor of that idea or topic.

For one to write an excellent persuasive essay, the following factors should be applied.

1. Choose a position or the stand that you strongly believe in. this becomes the standpoint of your argument. You should have made your mental analysis and make sure that you have enough information or details that are in line with your idea or focus. It should be noted that you can take a topic in favor or in opposition to some ideologies. Your position is the one that will be used to make your thesis statement strong.
2. Know the audience. The knowledge about the audience for your essay is irreplaceable when you are writing a persuasive essay. The type of people you’re addressing differs in culture, age, education and social strata amongst other factors. For example, a persuasive essay on the idea of the need to educate a girl child might never appeal to the old, illiterate and primitive.
3. Research on your topic. Do thorough research on what you want to persuade the audience about. Be armed with facts that are precisely and satisfactorily detailed. The reader should not connect scattered bits of data to generate the information, but it should be there in your essay.
4. Cite the most convincing and appealing evidence. Here the persuasive essay should have a compelling rationale that justifies the idea in your standpoint. Use a clear and precise language that is suitable for your audience.

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What to look for when buying college essay

buying college essay

A college essay is not necessarily about academics. There are several times when course instructors require a student to write a college essay with the theme of social lives. Sometimes, students are much held up by other school tasks and the time to write essay becomes insufficient. For that reason, they are forced to buy college essay. However, there are a number of factors that should be considered when a student is buying a college essay. They are the following.

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Factors to consider when buying college essay

  1. The source. It is of prime importance to know the origin of your college essay. As it is known, some sources are never reliable since some of the employees are fraudsters. It is highly advisable to buy your essays from reliable companies. That is the only way you can be guaranteed of getting a college essay safely.
  2. Here, the thing to look at is the value of the essay. You should know whether the cost and the value are balanced. You should not spend too much money on the paper that is not worth it. Some of the college essays are very expensive.
  3. The standard of the college essay should rank the highest level. When you are buying a college essay, you just not buy something that appears like a primary school story. The paper that carries the essay writing is supposed to be of high quality. The essay should be written in all the rules that govern the structure of the essay. It should be written with no grammatical errors. The language should be standard as well.
  4. The course. When you are buying a college essay you should consider the course in which it is in line with. Whether it is in humanities or social sciences or pure and applied sciences.
  5. The time that you are making an order should also be considered.

There are different types of essays that you can buy e.g Argumentative essay, admission essay