Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order with your company?

In placing your order, simply go the order page. Give us your full contact information including valid phone numbers and emails..

How can I upload files needed by the writer?

Immediately an order is placed, you should choose the best ways for providing the writer with additional materials and instructions. Only that time you are ready to use interactive features and upload files.

What if I can’t provide the references needed to write the paper, can you, guys, make the research for me?

The outright answer here is yes. We give our writers who have accounts to online libraries and they assist you in doing and perfecting your research. For you to get the best from us here, you have to upload all the materials that are necessary for your paper. Only that time when our writers will give the best quality results of your paper.

How can I monitor the progress of my order?

The status of your orders is constantly updated and automatically posted to your individual profile in the website. You can as well contact our professional support team and even your writer to check the progress of your work. You can even use our messaging services to directly talk to your writer.

Can I request a draft from my writer?

Yes you can .you are only required to give the correct description of your order. You can also send a request to your writer using the messaging services system. Also notify our professional support team to assist you..

How long will it take to write my essay?

The delivery of your work depends on the instructions that you give us. We strive to meet the deadlines as per the work requirements, and to be honest, your work can be done within a period of twenty four hours. However timely placement of your order is highly advised so that we can get enough time to work for your paper and give the results that are satisfactory.

How will I get my paper?

The moment an order is placed, you can log in on your personal profile and the website. You can then download your worked paper form the website. Another most effective way is that your paper can be directly sent to your email upon request.

Can you make changes in order requirements before it is done in case my professor changes the instructions?

Yes. You can apply amendment to your orders any time. This service is free of charge .